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An Unprecedented Design: 
Automated Identification  of  Microfossils 

“Automated Identification  &  Classification  of  microfossils  in  support of the Oil & Gas exploration.”  Designed to a real time support to the offshore oil rig.

The objective of the project is to structure, develop, and pilot a microfossil automated identification & classification system, to provide Real Time operational support to the activities of exploration and production of oil & gas, in the offshore environment. The description of its fundamentals and future operations focuses on the identification and classification of planktonic foraminifera, however, if successful, it can also be employed to identify other biological species.

The system provides the study and architecture of deep learning neural network for identification & classification of biological markers, from digital images from real samples, through automated selection and  classification of fossil species, indicators of geological time line (biozones), contained in 2D/3D digital images.

The project, with features of R&D, offers practical objectives and intend to be applied in the oil industry, based on solid foundations of biostratigraphy, digital image processing of robot operations, supported by deep learning neural network systems.

Finally, the unprecedented proposal is based on the knowledge integration of advanced fields of science (paleontology, graphic and visual computing, and Learning Machine). Therefore, its development will require trials in the mentioned fields to determine the most appropriate actions to accomplish such purposes.

Looking for
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Thanks for  climbing  to the final banner.

After  several  years  negotiating  with PETROBRAS the  financing  to  complete  the  project, the pandemic turmoil seems to  frustrate  my  expectations. Its completion  requires  the  involvement  of  Deep Learning  experts   and investors  who  believe  in its economic potential.

This home page aims to  draw  the  attention  of  partners  interested  in  finalizing  the  project  “Automated Identification  &  Classification  of  microfossils  in  support of the Oil & Gas exploration.”

What I'm  looking for:

  • Partners with expertise  in  Deep Learning Machine in identification and selection of  2D/3D digital images

  • Financing to performer the final stages  of the  project  and  to conduct the offshore pilot  tests   


What is offered:

  • An opportunity to generate a high sophisticated tool 

  • Being the owner of a very profitable operating system

  • Solid relationship  with PETROBRAS* (as a potential  partner)

  • Full mastery  of the  technique  and  the system usage

  • Collection of  Marker Species  from Brazilian  sedimentary basins

  • Full-time apply in the  project

My best regards

PETROBRAS* - Petróleo Brasileiro SA. – Brazilian State owner oil corporation.

Prof. Juarez Fontana MSc. PhD.

About the Author
  • Geologist & Micropaleontologist

  • Geology graduation – 1967 – RGS Federal University

  • MSc. Economic Geology  - 1987– São Paulo University

  • PhD. Natural Resources Management – 1997 – Campinas University – SP

  • Oceanography 101 – University of Whashington -  USA

  • Former Head of Plank Foraminifera Department of PETROBRAS Research Center (CENPS)

  • Published the first Plank  Foraminifera biostratigraphy scale of the Brazilian offshore sedimentary basins.

  • Graduation and PostGraduation Courses: professor in Geology and Oceanography courses -  Parana Federal University; UNESP University; São Judas University.

  • Principal of Bachelor Course of Technology of Oil & Gas, Geoscience and Oceanography in São Judas University – SP.

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